Distributing and packaging phpMyAdmin

This document is intended to give advices to people who want to redistribute phpMyAdmin inside other software package such as Linux distribution or some all in one package including web server and MySQL server.

Generally you can customize some basic aspects (paths to some files and behavior) in libraries/vendor_config.php.

For example if you want setup script to generate config file in var, change SETUP_CONFIG_FILE to /var/lib/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php and you will also probably want to skip directory writable check, so set SETUP_DIR_WRITABLE to false.

External libraries

phpMyAdmin includes several external libraries, you might want to replace them with system ones if they are available, but please note that you should test whether version you provide is compatible with the one we ship.

Currently known list of external libraries:

jQuery js framework and various jQuery based libraries.
php-gettext library
tcpdf library, stripped down of not needed files
portions of phpseclib library